What is the transaction rate for payments made through Flipcause?

For all web payments and payments made through the card reader, the per transaction fee is 4.9% + 30 cents. For manual payments entered in by an administrator through the Dashboard or using the mobile app, the per transaction rate is 3.5%.

Remember that your supporters have the option to cover the transaction fee. If all your supporters cover the fee, which a high percentage of donors do, you’ll pay no transaction fees and have cost-free fundraising. If more supporters than normal decide not to cover the fee and you end up paying more than 1.5% in fees in a calendar quarter, we’ll credit your account back for the difference at the beginning of the next quarter. This is because we give a Guaranteed Effective Rate of 1.5%. This Guaranteed Effective Rate will apply as long as you are giving your supporters the options to cover that processing fee. Note that this guarantee does not apply to manual payments.

You can see a recap of our processing fee structure on our site here - flipcause.com/pricing.

You can also see transaction rate information on the Home page of your Flipcause Dashboard under Transaction Rates and Savings.