Universal Checkout

Universal Checkout is here! This means you now have a Shopping Cart feature that allows your supporters to take a variety of actions within a single transaction. For example, when you activate the new Cart feature on your multi-tool campaigns, your supporters will be able to sign up for a volunteer shift, make a donation, and purchase a tee shirt (or any other variety of actions you make available)—all in a single transaction.

This is the biggest update in Flipcause history and comes with tons of new features and updates. This article will cover all of the changes that come with Universal Checkout. Click on the links you will find throughout the article to read detailed instructions on how to access these new tools and features! 

Changes to the Flipcause Dashboard

 The Universal Checkout update comes with a few changes to the Flipcause interface. The Dashboard sidebar has been consolidated and all campaign-related settings have been moved to the Campaigns section of the platform. We've also added Waivers to the Campaigns section. Check out this article for more details on where you can now find all of your settings.

Changes have also been made to the Campaign Editor. We've added new sections and relocated a few settings; read this article to learn more about the new Campaign Editor setup.

What's New in Campaigns

The Campaign Editor is where you are launched when you click Edit This Campaign from the All Campaigns Area. In this area, we've added two new tabs: Order Settings and Receipt Settings. We've also moved some settings from Campaign Settings into these new tabs. Within the Campaign Settings tab, you'll find only the settings related to the content displayed on campaign landing pages and widgets.

Order Settings 

The new Order Settings tab is where you will go to activate Cart. Activating the Cart in a campaign allows your supporters to complete multiple activities with a single transaction. Note: by default, the Cart feature will be disabled. 

Within Cart Settings, you will find Information Collection Settings where you can set up how you would like to collect information from your supporters. This section includes a NEW feature of collecting information from supporters as Individuals, Businesses, or Both. You can now also collect Title & Suffix from your supporters. 

Order Settings is also where you can set up Promo Codes. You now have the ability to add Promo Codes to an entire order or to individual tools here. 

Waivers and Custom Fields can now be applied to an entire order, or to specific items within an order. When you add custom fields and waivers within Order Settings, all of your supporters will be asked to fill out a specific waiver or answer custom question(s) at checkout. Alternatively, you can set up waivers and custom fields within Tool Settings to apply them only when a specific item is added to the cart. 

New Shipping functionality has also been added. You can configure Shipping on an item-by-item basis within the Advanced Settings section for each tool type. In Order Settings, you'll also be able to set a Maximum Shipping Cost Per Order, so that multiple items' shipping costs don't add up beyond a certain amount. 

New Receipt Settings

Receipt Settings is where you can customize your receipts for Transactions, Recurring Payments, Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser confirmation, and Mailing List confirmation. With the new update, a single summary receipt is now sent out to your supporters per order. You will also find new features within Transaction Receipt Settings, such as the ability to customize the Subject Line and Greeting for your receipt email as well as the Tax Deductible disclaimer text sent in your receipt email.

In the Receipt Settings section, you can set up also set up your Internal Notification Settings and Credit Card Statement Description. 

Tool Settings Updates - Advanced Settings

The Tool Settings for each engagement tool now includes an Advanced Settings section to allow for greater customization. These Advanced Settings allow you to add Shipping, Sales Tax, Waivers, and Custom Fields at a more granular level. 

The Volunteer tool now has Volunteer Shifts along with advanced settings. 

Advanced Settings also bring specific flexibility to the Donations and Payments tool. You can now set start and end dates for recurring donations as well as allow recurring supporters to edit their payment amount. Furthermore, promo codes for recurring payments will need to be set up in Tool Settings. 

Other Updates

Other exciting updates include: 

As always, your Success Team is here for you every step of the way! Get support by sending us an email.