Update Supporters and Campaign

The Updates feature allows you to post public updates to your campaign. In addition to having these show up on your campaign, you have the option to  send the update via email to your supporters.

You can find Updates within the Campaign Editor. (Click Campaigns > Edit this Campaign > Updates.)

Email an Update to your Supporters

  1. Click Add New Update  

  2. Enter a "Date", "Title", and update information in the Body section. You can also use the rich text formatting toolbar at the top and add images or videos.

  3. Toggle "Email this update to your supporters when published" to Yes.

    • Email to opted-in supporters only - this will send an email only to supporters who have clicked "Add me to the mailing list" in this campaign. 

    • Email to all supporters in this campaign, even those who opted out - this will send an email to all supporters who have participated in this campaign.

  4. Click Save to Drafts or Publish Update.

Show or Hide Updates on Campaign Page

You have the option to display your Update(s) in your Widget and/or Landing Page appearances. 

For campaign widgets, go to Widget Appearance > Additional Pages > Updates Page and switch the Updates Page toggle to "Show". 

In your campaign landing pages, you can display your Updates on the Homepage and/or on an Additional Page.

To  display updates on the Homepage, go to Landing Page Appearance > Homepage Elements & Layout and switch the Updates toggle to "Show."

To display updates on an additional page on your campaign site, go to Landing Page Appearance > Additional Pages > Updates Page and switch the Updates toggle to "Show".