Use of Forms in Flipcause

It’s important to be aware of the different types of forms that are available to you within the Flipcause platform and for use on your website, whether it's a Flipcause Managed Website or otherwise. Here are the various types of forms that we have for you:

Flipcause Forms (Utilizing the Volunteer Campaign Tool)

You can use a customized version of the Flipcause Volunteer tool to look and function just like a fillable form or application. The benefit to using this form on your website and elsewhere is that the data is automatically sent to your Flipcause Activity Tracker. You can then pull reports from within the Flipcause Dashboard containing that data as well.

Here's an example of a Flipcause Volunteer Campaign that has been customized to function as a fillable form. Please note that a form like this can also be embedded directly on a website page as well, as seen here.

Weebly Forms

If you choose to use the Flipcause Website Package or Webpack, our website team will be utilizing the Weebly Website builder for your new site.

On Weebly, there are standard contact and newsletter forms that can be used to gather general information, such as supporters’ names, contact information, and more. The information that is collected within the Weebly platform does NOT automatically sync into your Flipcause Dashboard or to any other platform but is contained only within the Weebly website portal. However, you can always export the data manually into a CSV file as you see fit.

Please be advised that if your Flipcause-managed Weebly website has a Newsletter or Mailing List Sign-up form, it is most likely a Weebly form (unless the team has been instructed otherwise). Data from Weebly forms doesn’t pass into Flipcause and won’t flow through any integration.

Here's an example of a Weebly contact form that was utilized on a Flipcause website.

Note: Weebly forms are only applicable for customers who utilize a Flipcause Managed Website.

Third-Party Forms

If you’re using a service like MailChimpConstant Contact, or MailerLite to send out newsletters or communicate with your supporters, you can choose to utilize a form that connects directly to that software.

The code for that form would need to be generated directly from the software provider. Once the appropriate code is obtained, we can paste it onto your website using an Embed Code element.

Here's an example of a Mailchimp form embedded directly onto a website.

If you want to learn more about utilizing third-party forms for external software outside of Flipcause, you can check out the following articles: