Cancelled and Failed Recurring Donations

In your Recurring Donor Dashboard, you'll notice there are two separate categories for inactive recurring donors: Cancelled and Failed Payments.

Failed Payments:

Failed Payments happen when a donor's card on file is declined during a recurring charge. When a donor's credit card is declined on a recurring donation, the supporter will be automatically emailed a notice to update their credit card information with a link to do so. The reminder email looks like this:

The system will make three attempts to charge the credit card, and each time it fails will be logged under "Failed Payments." On the fourth failed attempt to process the recurring donation, the donation is automatically cancelled by the system and the donor appears in the Cancelled Payments area.

Cancelled Payments:

A Cancelled Payment is when the supporter is no longer subscribed for a recurring donation. A supporter's recurring donation can be cancelled in three ways: the supporter can cancel their donation using the link provided in the automated receipt, the organization can cancel the donation from the Flipcause Dashboard, or on the fourth failed attempt to charge the card on file the recurring donation is automatically cancelled by the system.

You can view the details for each go to  Recurring Payments. Click on Failed Payments to see payments that did not go through due to an expired credit card, or click on the View Cancelled to see which payments were cancelled.

Note: Notifications for cancelled recurring donations are sent ONLY to the primary administrator's email (super admin).