Virtual Event Campaign: Giving Day


Keep the date of your event, and instead dedicate it to be a day of giving and appreciation. You were already writing talking points and compiling data to share to honor your work and your supporters for your event. Now you can repurpose this content and collateral to use on social media. Post it throughout the day to recognize your community and get them feeling in the mood to contribute.

You’ll want to have a dedicated landing page for this specific fundraiser that features a countdown and a fundraising thermometer and keep people engaged throughout the day.

If you have already sold tickets, reach out to the buyers and ask them if they’d be willing to convert their ticket purchase into a 100% tax-deductible donation instead. That way, you can begin the official giving day with some ground covered on your fundraising thermometer. You can also consider offering alternative fundraising options such as rewards or merchandise.

View Template: Giving Day

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