Virtual Event Campaign: Poetry Slam

Think you have to cancel your brunch, movie screening, dance party, networking event, poetry slam, support group, you name it? Think again!

  • Take that catering menu you already planned and share it on the event page, along with links to recipes, so people can bond over sharing the same meal remotely day-of. Even better that everyone can customize their food choices.
  • Use a video limelight round-robin to allow each person to take turns speaking (or performing) to the group, use the breakout groups to allow more intimate conversations to take place within a bigger gathering, or the gallery view for a Brady Bunch style collective feel (good for dance party moments).
  • For film screenings, the meeting host can play a video while screen-sharing. While everyone is watching together, participants can still chat and see one another in the sidebar – or just go full-screen theater experience.

We assume so many of these activities are only enjoyable when you’re sharing them in person, but you’d be surprised at how fun it still is to share a drink, a meal, a dance-a-thon, or a movie virtually together with others. In fact, it can feel even more intimate and foster a deeper level of bonding between participants than at a crowded event. And now that you can bring people across time and space to join together – even better!

View Templates: Virtual Poetry Slam with Tickets

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