Virtual Event Campaign: Speaker Series

If you have a classroom or lecture-style setting, with a speaker(s) and an audience, you can recreate it as a virtual webinar. Just like a live event, your webinar can be live at a specific date and time. Using a webinar tool like Zoom or Crowdcast will give you specific tools to facilitate that in a way you couldn’t do with your standard group video calls:

  • Choose whether to require people to register before coming, or just show up.
  • Include much larger groups than on a group meeting, you can even broadcast your webinar to a live-stream on the internet.
  • Indicate roles like hosts, panelists, and attendees (the audience).
  • Hosts and panelists have control over running the session and curating the conversation – who is presenting and what is being presented, including both slideshows and/or a video feed.
  • Choose different levels of active audience participation, or allow it to be more of a passive lecture series.
  • Make events both more structured and more interactive by including polls or games, and using tools for managing audience questions.
  • Use breakout rooms to randomly assign participants into smaller discussion groups within the larger meeting

View Template: Speaker Series with Registration

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