Virtual Event Campaign: Virtual 5K

Allow your supporters to complete their own 5K (or distance of your choice), using whatever location, route, and mobility variation that is most exciting and accessible to them. Participants can use an activity tracker of their choice to record their run/walk/hike/ride and post a screenshot to their campaign page upon completion.

You set the basic parameters needed to keep everyone feeling like they are part of the same movement, and leave the rest up to creative freedom. They can go for a 5K walk in the neighborhood, a run around a local track, a hike in a park, a bike ride, or a wheelchair stroll.

Instead of confining the event to a specific date and time like traditional run/walks, we recommend stretching the event to span a few days and making it a week challenge. This allows people from more timezones and different schedules to still join in the fun.

As they are completing the challenge, they can share posts or do a live stream,

and if you create a unique hashtag for the event, it will help your org and event be discoverable

Not only does this allow you to continue your fundraiser, but it makes it so much more accessible to people of varying schedules, ages, and levels of ability, which means it widens your potential participant count. Expanding accessibility and inclusion has shown to do wonders for fundraising results, too. It’s a game-changer when people with disabilities can be included and when families can bring their kids. You may find that your event takes on a whole new level of enthusiasm.

And encouraging people to get outdoors and be active has the added benefit of endorphin release – just the prescription for strengthening immune systems and stress-relief right when we need it most.

View Template: Virtual Cruise with Peer-to-Peer

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