Vistaprint Website Transition Process

If transitioning from a Vistaprint website to a Flipcause website, please be prepared for the following process:

1. A domain release needs to be requested from Vistaprint. A $20 fee is paid to Vistaprint by the account holder*. Within 48 hours, the domain will be released, and instructions will be emailed to the account holder on how to transfer the domain.

2. Once the domain is released and instructions are received from Vistaprint, a domain transfer needs to be initiated. The account holder* will need to register with another domain registrar, such as GoDaddy or Namecheap, and initiate a transfer for the domain. To begin a transfer, typically, the new registrar will require payment for a one-year domain registration, which is usually between $11 - $20 per year. (Note: If your current domain registration is still active, any active period you currently have will be added to the new term. For example, if there are two years still left on your current domain registration, you will purchase a year at the new registrar, and your new expiration for the domain will be 3 years from the date of purchase).

3. Once the transfer is initiated, there may be additional steps required, depending on the instructions sent from Vistaprint and from the new domain registrar. The full transfer typically takes 5 business days to complete.

4. Once the transfer is successfully completed, Flipcause is then able to log into the new domain registrar and change the settings required for the domain to point to your new website!

As you can see, a minimum of 7 business days is required for the above process (assuming there are no delays in any intermediary action steps, which are common). A more realistic estimate is about 10 calendar days but may take longer depending on any delays in required actions.

*Account Holder refers to the owner of the domain, which remains the responsibility of your organization. For actions indicated above as being the responsibility of the account holder, this refers to someone at the organization. For those steps, Flipcause is unable to pay the fees to either Vistaprint or for the new domain registration. We will absolutely assist in this process as much as possible, but those steps which require payment of a fee to third parties must be handled by the account holder directly.