Volunteer: No Shifts Settings

When using your volunteer tool, you have the option to add shifts, however, if you would prefer to disable shifts, here are the settings you will need to consider: 

No Shifts Settings

How to Turn Shifts Off

  1. Go to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign (choose a campaign) > Tool Settings > Manage Settings (Volunteer) > Volunteer Positions-Published > Edit (select a volunteer position). If you are creating a new volunteer position click Add Volunteer Position instead of Volunteer Positions-Published.
  2. Scroll down to the Volunteer Shifts section and toggle Add Volunteer Shifts? to "No".

When shifts are OFF, you can choose to skip the position selection page and review page.

Skip Group Selection Page AND Review Page?

When toggled to "Yes", volunteers will be taken directly to the Your Details page (Note: if custom fields and waivers are set up, they will also appear on this page)

Example "Your Details" Page

The following information set up in the Volunteer Position Information section will NOT appear on your Campaign: 

  • Volunteer Position Title
  • Volunteer Position Photo 
  • Volunteer Position Date 
  • Volunteer Position Time 
  • Volunteer Position Location 
  • Volunteer Position Description 
  • Files Attached for Your Volunteers to Download

You can only toggle this setting to YES when Cart is OFF

Shifts Off - Custom Fields and Waivers 

You are still able to add Custom Fields and Waivers to each Volunteer Position when shifts are disabled. 

  1. Scroll down to the Volunteer Shifts section
  2. Click Custom Fields and Waivers under Shifts off - Custom Fields and Waivers.
  3. Toggle Custom Fields to "Yes" and select the Custom Fields you would like to add.
  4. Toggle Waiver to "Yes" and select the Waiver you would like to add. 
  5. Don't forget to click Save and Publish!