Volunteer Tool Overview

Offer volunteer positions to your network through our Volunteer tool. To create a Volunteer campaign:

  1. Go to Flipcause DashboardCampaignsCreate New CampaignVolunteer.
  2. Enter your campaign title, thumbnail, and other details.
    • Note: You can go back and edit these later on if you want to change something.
  3. Click Publish Campaign.
  4. Once you publish your campaign, you should see it under Active Campaigns. Click on Edit This Campaign to open the editor of your campaign.
  5. Click Manage Settings to open the Volunteer Settings.


In your Volunteer Settings, you can customize your call-to-action button and the volunteer descriptor that'll be presented to your volunteers to go ahead and submit the opportunity to be part of your campaign. 

Thank You Page Options

You can also edit the Thank You page, which will be presented after finalizing their submission for the volunteer opportunity. Feel free to add a personal message inside! In addition, you have the option to let the volunteers share their activity on social media by turning Social Media Sharing on or off.

Note: Don't forget to hit Save once you update all these changes in the Volunteer Settings.


To add a volunteer position, go to Flipcause DashboardCampaigns Edit This CampaignManage SettingsAdd Volunteer Position. From here, you can edit the general information about the volunteer position, such as:
  • Volunteer Position Title
  • Volunteer Position Photo
    • If you have a photo you want to display inside your volunteer registration platform, you can upload an image by clicking on Select File under the Volunteer Position Photo.
  • Volunteer Group Max
    • Set the number of volunteers needed or make it unlimited by toggling the switch.
  • Volunteer Position Date
    • You can set it to a single day, a range period of time, or ongoing.
  • Volunteer Position Time
    • You can set this up if there's a specific time that this volunteer is needed.
  • Volunteer Position Location
    • This is an option for you to set a location where the volunteer opportunity is needed.
  • Volunteer Position Description
    • Feel free to include a little bit of information about what this volunteer opportunity is all about.
    • Click +Attach a File if there are any files that you would like your volunteers to download during their registration. 

Volunteer Shifts

Toggle Add Volunteer Shifts to Yes if you offer multiple shifts for your volunteers. From here, you can add a title for the shift and a short description for more information about the volunteer shift. You can also set the number of volunteers needed for this shift or set it to unlimited, as well as the number of hours requested per shift.

Feel free to set the amount limits per order by changing the minimum and maximum per order. You also have the option to either show the quantity reserved, the available or not show them at all. There's also an option available for you to set the date and time constraints for the registration.

The Add Custom Fields is where you can apply any custom questions for your potential volunteers to answer before finalizing their submission. If you want to add custom fields and waivers, here's an article on how to do it both with shifts off and on.

Click Publish Volunteer Position when you're done.

Once your volunteer position is published, you should see it displayed on the Volunteer Positions-Published section alongside the other volunteer positions currently active in your campaign. If you want to edit the information of a position, click the pencil icon under Edit.

As always, your Success Team is here for you every step of the way! Get support by sending us an email.