Is WebPack right for your organization?

That said, the WebPack is not going to be right for everyone. We chose the Weebly platform because it is the easiest to use, and everything on it is completely mobile-responsive. The simplicity and modern design standards do pose a few limitations that may be different from the platform of your current website. Some are minute, while in some cases, they pose a significant downgrade in important functionality. We'll tell you what they are, and only you can determine which of these are deal-breakers and which you'd consider workarounds for. 

Limitations of the WebPack

  • Design elements that will be lost -
    • Header slideshows are not available on Weebly. Instead, you can have a video if you don’t want a static image.
    • Only one navigation menu is built into the site at the top. However, there are themes where the navigation stays at the top as you scroll, and you can always have manual links in the footer if you’d like.
    • No sidebar capability. If your website currently uses sidebars, the content in those areas will be moved to the footer or other most relevant area. This is done to keep the website mobile optimized.
  • No built-in multi-language capability. However, you can add Google Translate options to the site.
  • Because the hosting is built-in behind the scenes, with this website, you won’t have access to the files that make up the website (as in FTP or File Manager)
  • There is no built-in calendar tool on Weebly. In most cases, this is adequately replaced with registration via Flipcause anyway. You can also embed Google Calendar, or a different 3rd party tool if you need a calendar.
  • Importing blogs or archives into Weebly is not possible. We will copy and paste only the latest 3 posts of either blogs or archived materials and not transition any outdated content (why your website is not an archive).
  • Custom-built website modules such as database queries, accessibility for the visually impaired, and other specialized functions are not available within the Weebly tools.
    • However, there is an option to embed custom HTML or code into any page of the website, add header and footer code site-wide, and it is even possible to edit the CSS and HTML of the entire site. So, if your organization has access to a professional web developer or coder, there is a lot of customization that is available. Just bear in mind that Flipcause does not itself have resources to assist with custom web building or coding.
  • SEO settings from your previous website will not be transferred to your new website

Another point to consider before moving forward with a WebPack, is if you already have a dedicated web person who has expertise (and is able to meet your website management needs that fit with both your timing and financial constraints). If you have concerns about the look or functionality of the website, consult with them first to determine how to address those issues. It may be a better use of their resources to fix any issues on the current platform than having to deal with transitioning to a new platform and process altogether. Of course, you can absolutely let them know that WebPack is an option, too.

Just know that you can always sign up for the WebPack and determine if you like it after it’s ready. There is no obligation to use the new site - Flipcause works with all websites, not just our own! Alternatively, there is no pressure to decide on the WebPack now. You can always opt-in to this service later as a part of your Flipcause subscription.

So, what’s the catch?

None! We at Flipcause are here to make your life easier, not harder. Just know that switching platforms and processes always comes with learning curves and growing pains. Getting used to something new can be annoying, but in the end, it will be a worthwhile investment of time. We’re here for you every step of the way, and we do everything possible to minimize those growing pains!

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