Website Package FAQs

What is the Flipcause Website Package?

Also known as WebPack, this is a completely free, optional service where your existing website content is copied over onto a new website platform via our partnership with Weebly. You will receive the equivalent of the Pro Weebly plan which includes unlimited pages and unlimited blogs, and your website will be on a completely mobile responsive platform with over 20 themes from which to choose. Your new website will look similar to the Kids Now demo site, but you can of course completely customize this after the initial transfer (for examples of what some other sites look like, see here and here). The aim of this service is to empower you to control and manage the website without depending on a third party for updates. The content transfer is free, and the hosting for this website and access to manage the website is also completely free. 

What to expect

By your onboarding call (within 24 hours after signing your order form), we'll have a website preview for your to review to help you decide whether you'd like to proceed with ordering a Flipcause WebPack.

Once you give us the official approval to move forward, it will take 2 weeks to finish building your site.

As soon as it's ready, we'll send you an email with access to the site which will be in preview mode, with fundraising tools installed as well. You'll be able to access the site, make any updates, and preview it before choosing to go live. To go live, we will need login access to the domain registrar (GoDaddy, Namecheap, 1and1, etc.). Once you're ready to go live, we just log in to the domain registrar and change the settings for the domain to point to the new website instead of the current website. The current website won't be touched or deleted, it just won't be available to access using the address, since that address will point to somewhere new.

What is the timeline?

It will take 24 hours for your new website's 5-page preview to be available for you to review. 

After your approval to move forward with the Website Package, it will take 14 days for us to finish transitioning your existing website content onto the new one. 

After the full website is built, it's ready to go live! 

But when you push live, is up to you. There may be some delays along the way if there are issues going live (due to existing providers or insufficient access granted). 

On average, it takes our partners 1 month to go live with their new website from the day they sign with Flipcause.

"The Nitty Gritty"

There are 4 components to maintaining a website: 

  1. domain registration ( - the address where your website is located)
  2. web hosting (where the website files are physically stored)
  3. website editing software (customization and content creation)
  4. email hosting 

These are separate components, but often they will be sold together or in combinations as part of a website package.

With Weebly via Flipcause, you're receiving web hosting and website editing software for free. Your organization will need to continue to maintain the domain registration and email hosting. The good news is that typically web hosting is the most expensive portion. However, you can terminate your existing web hosting and stop paying for it if you switch to our Weebly website. Sometimes, all 4 of these components or a combination of them is bundled into a package. In that case, you can check with your provider about changing the package to unsubscribe from the web hosting.*

Limitations on Weebly platform

We chose the Weebly platform because it is the easiest to use web-builder available, and everything on it is completely mobile-responsive. Mobile responsiveness and ease of use do pose a few limitations that may be different from the website you are currently on, most notably:

  • Only one navigation menu is built into the site. This will usually be at the top, but some themes do have it on the left-hand side.
  • No sidebar capability. If your website currently uses sidebars, the content in those areas will be moved to the footer or other most relevant area.
  • Most themes do not support a header slideshow, and many do not support background images.
  • No built-in multi-language capability, but you can easily add Google Translate options into the site.
  • No FTP or File Manager
  • Importing a blog or archives into Weebly is not possible. Your existing blog or archives can be linked to Weebly or manually re-created. (We will copy and paste only the latest 3 posts of each).
  • Custom-built website modules such as database queries, accessibility for the visually impaired, and other specialized functions are not available within the Weebly tools.
    • However, there is an option to embed custom HTML or code into any page of the website, add header and footer code site-wide, and it is even possible to edit the CSS and HTML of the entire site. So, if your organization has access to a professional web developer or coder, there is a lot of customization that is available. Just bear in mind that Flipcause does not itself have resources to assist with custom web building or coding.

Anything else I should know to avoid any delays?

Usually, we are able to have a new website go live within hours of your request to push live! However, there are a few things that might delay this process.

  • If we don't have the correct domain registrar credentials required to change the settings for the domain.
  • If we don't have the correct email host for your domain, this will also delay going live. If we go live without knowing the correct information for the email host, this may stop your emails from working.
  • Due to Vistaprint's limitations, the process to go live for Vistaprint customers will be more involved and take extra time. Be prepared to allow 10 calendar days or more for the new website to go live. To learn more about the Vistaprint website transition process specifically, see here.

The Legal Stuff

These Website Package FAQs forms part of the Terms of Use available at (as applicable, the “Agreement”), entered into by and between the Account Holder and Flipcause, pursuant to which the Account Holder has accessed Flipcause’s Service as defined in the applicable Agreement. All capitalized terms used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Use.