Going live with your new website

What is going live?

To go live with your website means to re-route where your domain (website address) is pointing to (website hosting). 

How does it work?

Once you're ready to go live, let us know! We log in to your domain registrar and update the domain settings to point to the new website. Specifically, we will access your DNS Zone and change the “www” and “@” A Records to route to Weebly’s IP Address. (We may also have to delete any conflicting records if any are found.)

How long does it take for the new site to show up?

In most cases, this change takes just minutes, and your website will be live immediately. Please bear in mind that due to browser and server caches, it may take up to 72 hours for the new website to show to everybody on the internet across the globe.

Sometimes, however, the going live process is less straightforward. Delays and hiccups can happen depending on how all of the 4 parts of the website are currently set up. Every website setup is unique, and once in a while, we discover complex situations where the wiring is messy, so to speak. Unfortunately, we can’t know ahead of time if this will be the case, and it can only be determined during the attempt to go live. In absolute worst-case scenarios (for example, a known problem is if your current website provider is Vistaprint), the going live process might take two business weeks, and your website may be down for a portion or all of that time. Please know that these scenarios are very rare and are just as upsetting to us. As your partner, we are going to be with you every step of the process to make it as painless and speedy as possible.

How to avoid delays in going live

  1. Provide us the access to the domain registrar ahead of time
    This is not the same as your website editor and is not always the same as your website hosting. We will need the correct login URL, username, and password. This access must provide the ability to edit the DNS Zone in order to publish the new website.

  2. Let us know who your email host is ahead of time
    This is not always the same as your domain registrar and your web hosting. If you do not have emails hosted at your domain name (you use personal emails or ones registered @gmail.com or similar), then just let us know that you don’t use email hosting as part of your website. If we don’t have the correct email host information, going live with the new website might disable all of your organizational email accounts, and we definitely want to avoid that!

  3. Provide the URL/domain that you want to use for your website
    The URL is the address that people use to visit your website. This is also called your domain. For example, Flipcause's domain is flipcause.com. It's possible for an organization to own more than one. Let us know which one you'd like to use.

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