How it works and what to expect

As soon as we know you’d like the WebPack, we begin the process. We copy and paste the content (images, text, pages/structure) from your current website onto the new platform. This means that even though the new site will be on a new platform and have a new theme, it will still have the same text and images as your existing one. 

But don't worry, you'll be able to make as many adjustments as you like before your new website goes live, including completely changing the theme or design. As soon as it's ready, usually in 14 calendar days or less, we'll send you an email with access to the site. This allows you to preview it and make as many adjustments to it as you'd like before publishing it to the world. The platform is so flexible that you can even completely change the theme, look, and design of your website - so you're not by any means locked into the version you initially receive. 

The website doesn't go live until you tell us you're ready. Some of our partners go live immediately, while others take months perfecting the new website. It's your web presence, so the timing is completely up to you. Once you're ready to go live and publish the new website in place of your current one, just let us know. We will then change the routing of your domain (website address) to go to the new website. For more details about the process to go live, see here.

Even after the site is live, you can of course continue making updates, big and small, whenever you like.

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