Updating your Flipcause Website

Updating your Flipcause Website is easy!

To make changes yourself, you can log in to your Website Portal directly from mywebsite.flipcause.com. You can also log in using the Website Portal button found in your Flipcause Dashboard.

Once logged in to your website portal, click the Edit Site button to begin making changes. 

The website editor is drag-and-drop and pretty intuitive to use, but if it’s your first time using Weebly, it’s important to know there is no “undo” function to any changes

If you’re more hands-on and want an intro to using the editor, you can check out our Weebly Beginner's Guide.

Or you can always have us make changes for you! Your Flipcause WebPack comes with free and unlimited Concierge Services. 

In your Flipcause Dashboard, use the Request Services area to Request Website Updates and let us know what changes you'd like made to your website. 

  • Requests will be completed within 2 business days, or we'll let you know if there is a delay!
  • Our Website Technicians are best at following directions and executing your vision, and won't be great at making decisions or coming up with ideas - you know how to tell your story best!