Why your website is not an archive

Your website exists for two main purposes: 

  1. To introduce and inform the world about your mission, vision, and work; as well as your culture and values. 
  2. To allow the world to interact with your organization - be it contacting you or getting involved by making a donation, signing up to volunteer, registering for an event or a program, etc. 

If your website fails to be easy to navigate and use to accomplish those two ends, it loses its value. 

The most common reasons that a website is difficult to use are - 

  1. It is not easy on the eyes. 
  2. It is not mobile-responsive. 
  3. It is cluttered and has too much information. 

With WebPack, we take care of main reasons 1 and 2. However, only your organizational members can adequately clean up the content and structure to address reason 3. One huge reason that a website is too cluttered, is when an organization uses the website as a repository of information from the past, or as an archive. The best way to handle storing of historical information and files is to use a cloud-based collaboration system such as Google Drive. This will allow you to set permissions on who can view the information, and make certain things public or private. You will be able to have the information organized in folders and keep it secure. You can even link this archive into your website to keep it accessible to those who are looking for it, while keeping it out of the way of the rest of the audience. For this reason, we do not transfer archival and outdated information onto your new and modernized website.