Weebly Beginner's Guide


We chose to partner with Weebly because it’s the simplest way to create modern-­looking websites that you can completely edit and maintain on your own. Building or editing your website is done in a “what you see is what you get” format instead of coding, making the process as easy as possible.


You can rearrange an element on an existing page simply by selecting it, then dragging and dropping it to a new location. It may be automatically resized, and you can then adjust the sizing of the box or column you just created. Adding new elements is just as easy. In the Build tab, you will see a choice of what to add such as Text, Title, Image, Slideshow, Divider, Spacer, or even Embed Code for custom HTML. Just drag and drop your desired new element from the sidebar onto the location you want it on the page. Play around with these! If you want to remove any element, just click the X box in the upper right­hand corner and press Delete to remove the entire element. Within each element, you can also customize some options or formatting. See more here: Weebly - Intro to Content Elements.


Weebly provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for adding and editing images on your website. See more here: Weebly - Adding Pictures to a Site.


The Pages tab is where you can add, edit, and re-organize the pages that make up your site, as well as group them as subpages (subpages are indented under the parent page). Unless you specifically mark a page to be hidden from your navigation menu, it will show up in the navigation menu in the order you see them listed on the left panel. By clicking each page, you can change the page name and Header style for each. Once again, play around with these to get a feel for how the features work. No changes will be pushed live to your site until you hit the Publish button on the upper right­hand corner. See more here: Weebly - Create Pages & Navigation.


If you want to change the overall look of your site, you can go into the Theme tab and select Change Theme. From here, you can pick any theme and it will change the look without changing or removing your website content. Some themes will also let you change the theme color as well. See more here: Weebly - Switch And Manage Themes.


Also in the Theme tab, you will find an option to Change Fonts. From here you can edit the default sizes, typefaces, and colors of your headers, titles, and body. Because Weebly is built to be simple to use for anyone and not just for experienced designers, the generally available customization options are limited. However, in the Theme tab at the bottom left­-hand side, there is an option to edit the site’s HTML and CSS which allows for custom code to be edited. Of course, this should only be edited by someone well­ versed in HTML/CSS. See more here: Weebly - Edit Fonts.


Here are the instructions to embed your Google Calendar into the website: Weebly - Add A Calendar To Your Site.


Hopefully, this clears up most of your website editing questions! If you are interested in more in­-depth tutorials, please visit the Weebly Help Center. You can also call Weebly Support at 844-493-3259 to speak with someone directly.