Weebly's Blog FAQs

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal displaying information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject. Blog pages can also be used as “News” pages for your website. 

WebPack Blogs

As part of the Webpack process, blog pages are also transferred as it is considered a part of your website. However, Weebly blog pages do pose a few limitations, which may be considered a significant downgrade from the blog section of your current website.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can you transfer the rest of our blog posts? We have a lot of blog posts on our current website, but only 3 posts were transferred.

A: Weebly does not support importing blog content. If you currently have an archive of blog posts from your current site, only the last 3 posts for each blog page will be copied over by our WebPack team.

Q: How do I start a Blog?

A: To create a blog page, click on the Pages tab in your editor. Your page list will appear on the left side panel. Click on the + symbol and select Blog Page. This will add a blog page to your list of pages. You can give your blog page a name, or you can simply leave the name as Blog. Now that your blog page has been created, you can add new posts by clicking on the New Post button in the lower right portion of the editor. The blog post will have a title and content area. To add content to the blog post, simply drag and drop the Weebly tools to the content area as you would on a regular page. Follow this Weebly article for more detailed instructions on how to start a blog page. 

Q: How can I display our most recent blog post on a different page? (RSS FEED)

A: To display your most recent blog posts on a different page, you will use the feed reader element on your website. First, you must get the RSS feed link of your blog page. By default, the RSS feed link is located on the blog page sidebar. If it has been removed, you can simply add it back by using the Blog Feed element and dragging it back to the sidebar. Once you have located the RSS Feed link on your blog, click the link and copy the URL. Next, go to the page you would like your most recent blog posts to be displayed. Drag the Feed Reader element found on the sidebar and place it on the desired location on the page. Click on the Feed Reader element and paste the RSS feed link on the Feed Address (URL) field. 

There are also various Weebly apps that display your most recent blog posts. Here is an example of a paid Weebly app that displays your most recent blog posts.

Note: Apps are created by third-party developers and act as extensions to the Weebly platform. For this reason, we do not offer support for these third-party applications. If you need assistance with these apps, you will want to reach out to the app developers directly. Some apps also have an additional cost associated with them. This cost is not included in your Flipcause subscription and will be paid directly to the developers. 

Q: How do I create new blog posts?

A: To add a new blog post, click on the New Post button at the lower right section of your blog page inside the editor. Each blog post will have a title and content area. To add content to the blog post, simply drag and drop the Weebly tools to the content area as you would on a regular page. Check out this Weebly article for a more detailed instruction on how to create a blog post.

Q: How do I add tags/categories to my blog post?

A: To add a category for your blog posts, click on the blog post, then click on the Post Options button on the bottom of the left panel. A new set of options will appear. Click on the Add Categories button to enter the specific Category that you want your blog post to be added to. Check out this Weebly article for more detailed instructions on how to add tags/categories to your blog posts.

Q: How can I share my blog post to my Social Media platforms?

A: To share your blog posts to your social media platforms, make sure that you have enabled the Post Share Button on your blog page. To do so, go to your Settings Tab, click on Blog on the left side panel, then switch the Post share buttons toggle to “on”. Once the blog post is published, there will be a “like” and “share” button under each post. You can also manually share your blog posts by copying the link of the blog post and posting it to your social media account. There is also an option to automatically share your scheduled blog post by following this tutorial. However, this option is only available to Twitter with your Weebly account with Flipcause.

Q: What is the difference between a Blog page and a Blog post?

A: A Blog page is where all your blog posts are located. Blog posts are the single entries that are displayed on the blog page.

Q: How do I reverse the sorting of our Blog posts? We would like the most recent entries to appear last.

A: Unfortunately, Weebly does not currently offer that option. Blog posts will always appear in reverse chronological order based on the post date. 

Q: How can I add a page on my website that will go directly to a specific category on my blog page?

A: To add a page that will lead to a certain category of your blog page, you have to first gather the URL of the category page by going to the blog page and right-clicking on the specific category, and clicking Copy link address. After that, go to the Pages tab and add a new External Page. Paste the URL of the category on the External Link field and that should do it. Publish your site to see your new page.

Q: How can I change the design of our Blog page?

A: Unfortunately, the default design structure of Weebly’s blog page cannot be altered without using a paid Weebly App.

Q: How can I remove the sidebar on my blog page?

A: To remove the sidebar of your blog page, go to the Settings tab of your editor. On the left side panel, click Blog. The settings of the blog page will appear, switch the Blog Sidebar toggle to “off” to remove the sidebar. 

Q: How can I add a section to add more Weebly elements to our blog page?

A: You cannot add new Sections to blog pages. However, you can use the header or the sidebar of the blog page to add more Weebly elements to your blog page. 

Click this link for more information about Weebly Blog pages.