Why do you offer a free website with your service?

The reason Flipcause came to be in the first place is to create efficiencies and free up resources for nonprofits. After years of working with organizations, we realized many were struggling from the same website frustrations, such as:

  • Outdated look and content on the website.
  • Inability to make updates and lack of control over the site.
  • Getting the website updated is expensive and/or takes too long.
  • Website expertise is centralized within one person (or company), leaving your organization vulnerable when that agency is no longer available or reachable.
  • The existing website is not truly mobile-optimized in a world where over 60% of web traffic is on mobile devices.
  • Oh, and you still have to pay for the website (typically $500-$600 a year. This estimate comes from this article, which is a fantastic extensive exploration of the components of a website and how much each costs.)
  • The above cost estimate is for a typical WordPress setup, which is the most commonly used. WordPress, as well as other custom-built websites like Drupal and Joomla, have been an industry standard due to their flexibility and customization. These platforms are becoming outdated and easier to use, and visual-based editors such as Weebly are becoming the new standard. WordPress, in particular, is an open-source platform, which means you can build just about anything into it, and anyone can develop for it. This is fantastic if you require advanced functionality, which is not the case 99% of the time. Most just need a modern-looking and attractive web presence through which their audience can learn about the organization, contact the organization, and get involved. These highly customizable platforms are typically so complex and challenging to use that they require a professional person or service to maintain. After working with just about every website platform available, we find that Weebly has been the easiest to learn and use and to deliver polished and mobile-optimized websites. Many other platforms don't even use the modern mobile design standards, while Weebly uses the most advanced and search-engine-friendly "mobile responsive" design.

We offer the Website Package as a way to abolish all of these common challenges at once. A WebPack provides a website that is easy to manage and maintain, one over which you will have full control, that will look fantastic on all devices, and it will save you hundreds (if not thousands).

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