Campaign Widget vs. Campaign Landing Page

On Flipcause, you have two ways to use each campaign you create: Widget and Landing Page. In most cases, you will only plan to use one version and not both, so it's always good to consider which version you plan to use and how you want it to appear before you begin on a campaign.

Each has separate look and feel configurations (appearance settings), so once you've chosen to use one and not the other, you can safely ignore the one you know you won't use.

When to use the widget

The Widget is meant to serve as an integrated part of your webpage and lives there either as an embedded area or as a popup that is activated by the click of a button. 

This version is ideal for 

When to use the landing page

The Landing Page is a full-featured campaign site that is hosted on Flipcause. It is a lot more flexible and customizable than the Widget, allowing full rearrangement of elements as well as background images.

This version is ideal for 

Now that you have chosen which version to use your campaign in, you will need to focus only on customizing one of the two Appearance tabs you'll find in your Campaign Editor: you'll typically only use either the Widget Appearance or the Landing Page Appearance tab since the two different versions have different look and feel options available.