Creating an Impactful End-of-Year Appeal

From best practices to hands-on support, here at Flipcause, we've got you covered!
Here are our tips to make sure you're connecting with your donors and inspiring them to donate:

Crafting Your Year-End Appeal Campaign

Your fundraiser landing page is the center of your campaign. Regardless of what marketing, communication, or announcement channels you use, everything should point to a dedicated landing page for your campaign, where your supporters will take action.

Setting Your Goal

Telling Your Story

Defining Your Call-to-Action (CTA)

Reference our campaign pre-launch checklist for any other details.


Ready to launch? The next step is making your campaign public by sharing the campaign landing page, adding it to your website, and announcing it to your community:


Email Newsletter

Direct Mailer

Social Media

  • Here are tips for social media posts. We recommend crafting the messages and scheduling them in advance.
  • Customize your campaign's social media settings to better dictate the stock description that displays when supporters share your campaign.



Once your campaign has ended, it's time to reflect on your accomplishments, evaluate your success, and especially, thank your donors.
After all your hard work, don't forget to celebrate everything you and your team have accomplished this year!
You can read our full Year-End Appeals Guide, with examples and inspiration, here.
If you'd like help or support this holiday season for anything at Flipcause, whether it be setting up your campaign, integrating it on your website, or getting the right reports, reach out to your Success Team and use our Concierge Services—we're here for you!