Year-End Tax Receipts

• To view a Year-End Tax Receipt  for any contact, navigate to their Contact Profile and click Annual Report. Pick the year, and you'll be able to view a PDF report.  

• To email the report to a single contact, simply click “Annual Report” and select the year, then type in the email to deliver it to.

• To send Annual Reports to a full list of contacts, do the following (detailed instructions here):

  1. Pull a Contact Database Report of all desired contact records
  2. Find the field on the Contact Report titled “[Year] Annual Summary PDF” (i.e. 2017 Annual Summary PDF”).  This is a link to each Contact’s Annual Summary
  3. Import your list into an email marketing program such as Mailchimp
  4. Mail merge the field (here's how to do this in Mailchimp)

• To ensure that your year-end tax receipts are complete and provide a full, holistic picture for all of the constituent's activity, including offline/cash/check contributions, you'll want to be sure to log those offline payments into Flipcause. You can do this using the Add a Payment button, or directly from the Contact Profile in your database: