Year-End Tax Receipts

The Flipcause Contact Database allows you to get one-click Annual Summaries for each Contact. The Annual Summary contains the year-end tax receipt of tax-deductible contribution totals and a full report or statement for that contact: their contact information, and an itemized breakdown of all of their contributions and activities with your organization for that year.

To view the Annual Summary for any contact, go to their Contact Profile and click Annual Summary. You'll be able to pick the year and get a link to your PDF.

If you plan to use these for your year-end tax receipts, don't forget to customize the thank-you message at the top. In your Contact Database, click on the Customization tab and configure the greeting style and name preference you'd like, and your thank you message below. Because the tax receipt needs to fit on a single page, this message is limited to 3 lines and 300 characters, so keep it short and sweet.

You can also email this report to a contact by clicking “Annual Summary,” selecting the year, and typing in the email you'd like it sent to.

To send Annual Summaries and Tax-Receipts to a full list of contacts, do the following (detailed instructions here):

  1. Pull a Contact Database Report of all desired contact records.
  2. Find the field on the Contact Report titled “[Year] Annual Summary PDF” (i.e. 2019 Annual Summary PDF”). This is a link to each Contact’s Annual Summary.
  3. Import your list into an email marketing program such as Mailchimp.
  4. Mail merge the field (here's how to do this in Mailchimp).

TIP: Your annual summaries will automatically include all activities that took place on Flipcause. To ensure that your year-end tax receipts and statements provide the complete picture for your contact, you'll want to be sure to log the rest of their offline, cash, and check contributions to Flipcause and attribute them to this contact. You can do this using the Add a Payment section, or directly from the Contact Profile by clicking the "Add Payment" button (right next to Annual Summary).